Friday, June 25, 2010

Juneau Update #6

Trail #7 Mount Roberts

So this one started as the campus crusade prayer hike which was absolutely amazing. Hiking through the woods surrounded by fellow believers all lifting prayers and praise to our God and Father.. it doesn't get any better then that! We focused on many different aspects of prayer and our Christain walks. On top of that we practiced different styles of prayers sometime praying silently by ourselves, as a group outloud as we hiked, or my personaly favorite Korean style.

Only 5 of us decided to continue on to summit the mountain: Rikki, John, Robin, Jonny, and myself. I could not have asked for a better group of hiking buddies to continue this experience with. They are all so full of passion for missions in the here and now sense meaning wherever they find themselves around the globe. This spoke volumes into my own life thinking about how God can and does use me where I am at and how essential the power of prayer is. Looking around my daily life I constantly come across people who desperately need to be filled with the hope, joy, and peace our Savior offers.. coworkers, store clerks, gas station workers, tourists, my haircutter lady, basically Juneau population as a whole. I am His hands and feet here specifically in Juneau at the moment and it is endless what God is capable of doing. I want to be in constant prayer for the Spirit of God to be moving in these people's lives, readying them to accept His gospel message as well as for the believers here to be emitting the light of Jesus to all the people around them, for their community and fellowship here, for their desire to be used by God and to grow intamtely closer to God because He desires those things.

Random Life: Cole, Lisa, and I are suppose to hit up Toy Story 3 tomorrow now that I have finally seen the first two movies. Biking is becoming a favorite activity of mine and I have Cylce Alaska to thank for that. I finally bought all the baking supplies so now I am going to be making a batch of snicker doodle cookies for a picnic sunday evening and then some caramel apple cinnamen rolls just because I want some and enjoy baking so much.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Juneau Update #5

Trail #5 Peterson Lake

Roundtrip: 8.6 miles

This trail is pretty amazing, it has the sound of a creek in the distance and goes through thick trees. Very very muddy however and many trees have fallen over the path. Right in the middle there is a little meadow/bog area. I actually hiked this on one of my days off by myself. Talk about wonderful alone time it took almost 4 hours so i had a lot of reflection and prayer time. Blessing from God.

Trail #6 Thunder Mountain

The route we took was probably only 3 miles to the top, it was the steeper option but honestly this hike was very enjoyable. Of course it is up a mountain so I can't say it was completely easy but compared to McGinnis and Juneau i thought this one was easier. We got lucky and it cleared up enough to see part of the view from the top! I hiked it with Morgan, her mom Melissa, my coworker Sara and her twin sister Melissa such a great group of ladies!!

Other recent adventures include Kayaking with Debbie Douglas, Megan, two seasoned sisters and their husbands. We went acrossed Mendenhall lake up to the glacier, around icebergs, pretty much under nugget falls! Sooooooo much fun and afterwards we all hit up bullwinkles pizza for some good conversation

Friday, June 11, 2010

Juneau Update #4

Trail #4: Granite Creek

Roundtrip 7 miles

This trails starts with the first half of Perseverance trail then branches off, following along Granite Creek to its basin. It is my new favorite, extremely gorgeous, just the right feel to it. Part of it is through woods, you always get to hear the sound of the creek, mountains are right there surrounding you, the trail is well kept yet still rugged, there is a waterfall towards the end. I did the full trail with Morgan Fisher and Alison joined us just for the first half.

I feel right at home in Juneau, it's rather amazing. I feel as if I have lived here my whole life somehow. It really is my perfect spot on this earth.. perfect weather for me, plently of trails to hike, fish to catch, breath-taking scenery, people to hang with.. I could easily see myself living here for a good chunk of my life.

Thursday night women's Bible study at waffle co. is a highlight of my week. We discussed Romans ch 2 this week. Talk about a convicting chapter in a good sense though. Read it so you can know what i mean :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Juneau Update #3

Trail #3: West Glacier

Roundtrip: 6.8 miles

This is a fun, quick trail out to the Mendenhall. Brenna and I went out there, hung out for a good hour exploring ice caves. Sadly, the ice caves are not nearly as sweet as they were two years ago.. best part of the trail is scaling a rock cliff, we took a more dangerous route up

Work story of the week: during my Wed morning bike tour, we saw a black bear!!! he walked across the street towards us and then went into the woods

Life Update: thanks to Cole and Lisa, I have officially seen the movie Toy Story.. in the near future I will finally see Toy Story 2. My life is getting closer to complete. Also I am now first aid and CPR certified.

Prayer: Thanks to God for all the amazing people who live up here, for my great coworkers and job, for being surrounded by mountains!! for Crossroads church group and reaching downtown Juneau, for Project Golf and all the work God will do through them, for our Thursday night women's bible study and the book of Romans.. that i would constantly be watching and waiting for the return of my Lord and that my life would reflect Him.