Monday, October 4, 2010

Summer Summary

So its been a while since I have come on here.. its only appropriate to include a summary of my summer adventures in Juneau Alaska:

1. summitted 5 mountains

2. hiked countless trails mainly with my one main hiking buddy and friend Sara :)

3. king crabbing with Brandi, Carl, Katy, and Evan.. pulled the pot up assembly line style :)

4. salmon slaying

5. shrimping

6. helicopter ride up to walk on the Meade Glacier with Rikkaela Ruby :)

7. bought a road bike and have done some sweet long rides

8. boated out to tracy arm to see the Seward Glacier with Kara and Stephanie, my friend Deborah also was randomly on the same little tour! saw some of the biggest calving, shooters, and swells also saw a huge iceberg flip over! :)

9. went off roading with Rikki in her jeep

10. played sardines at the castle playground all hours of the night with my sweet cycle alaska friends :)

11. countless bonfires under the Alaskan Sky saw some sweet sunsets, stars, a comet, a meteor shower

12. amazing northern lights casting a reflection on mendenhall lake and framing the mountains

13. late night canoe adventures with rafting friends, walked on the biggest iceberg

14. camped on a couple different islands

15. shot clay pigeons

16. toured the coast guard boat thanks to Mitch my coast guard friend

17. Climbed in icecaves multiple times

18. Mountain biking with Bradford.. questionable trails too extra adventurous :)

19. semi illegal night activities with my partner in crime Michael :)

20. mine ruins and sketchy tunnels exploration

21. Kayak adventure with Debbie, Mego, and some of Debbies friends

22. River Rafting (lame river.. but great guides Jess and Kara)

23. Oktober Fest on top of tram with Brandi, Carl, Katy, Nick, and Megan

Such Great Times and This Hardly Does My Amazing Summer Justice :)

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  1. SIIIIIIIICK!! I'm so jealous!! That sounds A-freakin-Mazing! I can't believe you live there! I'm gonna start looking for engineering jobs up there!