Sunday, November 7, 2010

To Do List..

1. work on my art skills (more accurately obtain any form of art skills)
  • find a place in Juneau that offers classes and take one or two.. thinking of starting with painting

2. run at least 3 times a week to maintain some sort of in shapeness

  • sign up for the Juneau marathon next summer and finally check that off my goal list
  • maybe even go all out and do the aukeman sprint triathalon.. but then i need to add learn swimming strokes to this list

3. finally make it to the very end of the lemon creek trail

  • its been attempting 4 times now but never plan enough time to get to the end.. its going to happen asap

4. look into the Juneau bowling league (or something similar.. scrabble club?)

  • not a good bowler but i don't think that completely matters.. its about having fun and learning right

5. learn how to ski/ snowboard

  • this is pending on snow fall and when i can recruit local friends to patiently teach me how

6. read at least a book a month

  • get a library card.. funny i haven't already done this since my roommate works for the library :)

7. finally get my alaska driver's license

  • i mainly blame the dmv hours for why i have yet to do this..

8. cook myself a decent healthy meal at least once a week

  • i love to cook but just don't take the time often enough..

9. go back and beat all the mario levels to obtain all 3 star coins in each so we can defeat world 9

  • this may take some time..

10. keep improve my knitting skills

  • try out different patterns to stretch my abilities
  • a few more scarves then move onto hats eventually socks for my dad :)

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