Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer 2011 Summary

CANNOT believe another summer has come and gone.. time to reflect on a few highlights
1. second annual Skagway trip with Rikkaela Ruby!! got to helicopter up to the Meade Glacier again and walk on it way too amazing :)
2. Earth Cruising.. Herbert trail, Boyscout Beach, Dredge Lakes , Thane, Eaglecrest Road
3. 50 mile road bike ride Auke Rec to Echo Cove and back with my buddy Brianna
4. Klondike Relay!!! 10 person (9 for my team since Bill did 2 legs) running relay starts in Skagway, AK ends in Whitehorse, Canada over 100 miles all together I completed 13.1 miles in the middle of the night
5. goes along with #4 BEST northern lights.. purple and green dancing all over
6. Bowling league.. except for the fact I think I got worse over the summer instead of better
7. Halibut fishing with my sister Kristi and Carl.. caught our limit all between 40-50 lbs on a beautiful sunny day

8. Kristi's entire week with me here!
9.. Hiking of course.. Best trail of the summer was Salmon Creek
10. Biking Perseverance Trail with Sara when she came up for a couple week visit in May, such an intense but beautiful ride
12. Disc Golf!!!!! my current favorite activity

12. Fires on the back porch with my Juneau family :)
13. Brenna coming back for a visit!
14. Morgan Fisher (now Ramseth) wedding having Chrissy and her mom come up
15. Jarah and Ann being leaders of the women project, means I once again got to hang out with those amazing ladies in Juneau!
Amazing but too quick of a summer.. but I am going to leave it at that for now

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